Blessings from Spicy Pierre!

Since 2013, Pierre Auxila has been developing sauces guaranteed to "Wake up your buds!" Haitian Heat Spice was born from a desire to create a flavorful and spicy hot sauce for some of the dishes that he prepared and cooked for his customers.

"I started to experiment with flavor and peppers until l found the flavor and heat I wanted. When customers began to ask for extra sauce to take home, I knew I needed a name for the sauce. I called the sauce my original Haitian Heat Spice Fire Sauce."

To date, 4 of his sauces placed 1st in their respective categories at the Annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival. Pierre continues to create in his kitchen, and in 2017 unveiled a new sauce, Tex San Heat, in honor of San Antonio.

You can purchase our sauces online, or at Sancho's Cantina near Five Points, San Antonio!

Haitian Heat Hot Sauces

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